The Pain of Unstable Dentures!

Everyone knows someone who has dentures; the stereotype is Granny or Granddad. But you would be surprised how many people of all ages wear dentures! You'd be even more surprised at how many of those people are unhappy and struggling with their teeth because of how loose and unstable they are.
Many patients do not understand why their once brilliant denture no longer fits as well as it once did, it is all down to a lack of teeth. In the absence of teeth the supportive bone (the jaw bone) starts to recede. This can lead to dentures becoming extremely loose and unstable. This can cause further problems such as painful mouth ulcers and the inability to chew! The greatest level of bone loss usually occurs directly after the extraction of a tooth, but years of chewing forces created whilst wearing dentures can have a slow but steady effect on bone levels and will definitely have a hand in aiding the receding process. The longer dentures are worn the higher risk there is of large levels of bone loss.
The majority of patients who complain about loose dentures will have their lower set in mind, noticing that the suction that was once holding them in place is now a thing of the past. This can have a huge effect on many aspects of everyday life! Social activities are hindered by the fear of having to eat in public, or even worse, the fear of their dentures falling out all together!! Because of fears such as these many people heavily rely on the thick pink gloop adhesives that are available in most pharmacies and supermarkets. But yet again these are not great as many people complain that when eating the glue is all they can taste. Some patients opt for a basic re-lining of the denture, this is done by a dentist and will compensate for the lost supportive bone but is usually a temporary method of creating stability as it is not 100% effective. 

There is another option, one that is stable and quite possibly permanent. Implant retained dentures!
This treatment includes implants being placed into the remaining supportive bone and  acting as roots or anchors for a specially made denture to attach to. The implants will create a stability that will enable you to enjoy tougher foods again as if you had your natural teeth once more! But what if the idea of dentures at all really puts you off? Well there are other options available too, such as implant retained bridges. They act on the same principle but instead of being removable they are fixed in place. This may all seem a little drastic when it comes to dental work, but with more and more people undergoing the treatment; it is proving to be highly popular and successful!
Here at thegallery we are able to offer these treatments to our patients. Our consultations are free and who knows, once you visit us you could be chewing toffees again in no time! So why not give us a call? We'll be happy to arrange you an appointment to start your journey to a new smile. 

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